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Self-taught in computer science, at the age of 14 years I am passionate about the world of computers and what they could bring us in our daily lives.
I started to develop and understand the workings of our computers, on Amstrad 6128 and was quickly moved to the Atari STE STF and then finally Commodore Amiga 500/1200.
Then came the PC era, building my own PC solutions for my entourage.
True enthusiast, I decided to combine passion and profession.
I hired by Additional Design in 2003 as a computer technician and technical manager, I developed the brand Nasstor NAS server, and worked on all forms of storage (DAS, NAS, FC-SAN, IP-SAN, AOE).
Poach in 2009, by Algos Network which had just opened a storage unit, I develop the product Algostor in Windows Storage Server 2008R2 in Linux with Open-E DSS, and creates multiple Scaled-Out NAS configurations with IBRIX, MaxiScale, Gluster, Active Circle and Avere.
I also created the Restor range, a Windows NAS Server with LTO or RDX embedded device.
In 2012, an opportunity arose to create Tsuga company to offer an external backup solution (Backup To Cloud) for all, by providing to the individual to the large corporation the best backup technology in the Cloud with as partner EVault.

I have over 10 years of experience in the areas of storage, backup, integration and administration. I am a trustworthy person and always invested in my professional projects. I have the culture of the company and I put my knowledge to the benefit of each company in which I worked successfully.




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